Everything To Know About Hunterdon Basement Remodeling

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Turning your Hunterdon basement to a usable room can add a lot of space to your house. You can remodel your basement to transform it into anything from a bedroom, a den, family room, and a bar, a game room to a workshop, office or study. However, proper planning is crucial to a Hunterdon basement remodeling project. A few things out to be kept in mind:

1. Budget
You should know if you can even afford a basement remodeling in the first place. Creating a proper budget will help you keep a check and balance on your expenditures once the project begins.

2. Moisture
Being underground, basements are prone to high levels of moisture. If the basement apparently looks dry it does not necessarily mean that it is moisture free. Moisture can build up with time and cause mildew and mold which can rot the flooring and walls. Therefore, make absolutely certain that the basement is moisture free before remodeling.

3. Plumbing
Basements usually have an extensive net of pipes around them which sometimes develop leaks. These leaks, if unchecked, have a high likelihood of flooding your basement as well as causing moisture. It is vital that you make your basement waterproof. Also, once the basement remodeling is underway make certain that none of the plumbing is damaged. It is important that you set up new basement bathroom/kitchen/water outlet as near to the existing plumbing as possible.

4. Plan Well
Since it is your basement you should know exactly what you want from the space and how you need to utilize. Distinguish between your wants and your needs and plan responsibly.

5. Structural Limitations
Basements have a restricted space and there is not much room for extensions. Also, your entire house rests on the basement. While remodeling, make certain that none of the supporting walls, structures and beams are disturbed because these can cause serious damage to the entire building if the balance is disturbed.

6. Lighting
Being underground, most basements have no natural lighting. You can always add vents or windows for letting in natural light if the basement is not completely underground. Also, artificial lighting can be used cleverly to illuminate the area without making it too harsh.

7. Cooling and Heating
Most basements do not need a cooling system because the ground keeps them cool. However, make sure that it is so with your basement. Otherwise, install a proper cooling system for summers. Similarly, if the basement gets too cold in winters then consider installing a heating system to make it comfortable during winters.

It is advisable if you consult Hunterdon remodeling professionals or work with them during basement remodeling projects.

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